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Halloween Essentials - Two Must Haves

Don't you just love this time of year? I sure do! The leaves are changing colors to make the most beautiful backdrop of rich colors, the air is starting to get that chill, and I just tons of pumpkin spiced everything, piping hot cocoa, and cozy nights bundled up in house are about to fill the schedule. And Halloween seems to be the true kickoff of Fall -- it is the day where we spend hours outside dressed up as the our favorite characters, we walk around he neighborhood visiting friends and asking for treats!

But the with all the hustle and bustle, someone is bound to trip and fall or scuff of their little hands, elbows, or knees and need some TLC. This mama likes to be prepared with a soothing skin spray -- the Boo Boo Spray is perfect for this. I start with a 2 oz glass bottle, fill the bottom with some witch hazel, and then add about 15 drops of lavender and about 5 drops of clove oil, then fill the rest with water, add the spritzer top and you are good to go!

And the monster spray is great for scaring away the sugar monsters that are keeping your little goblin from getting much needed rest after a hard night's work gathering candy and treats. This one I use the same steps as above. I like to use Lavender if I just need a quick spritz, but the blend, Sleepyize, is where the magic is at!

Oh, and you can grab the cute labels for your spray bottles over on Etsy, here.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!

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