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Common Scents: Lemongrass

Common Scents

A series where we learn about different oils, their uses, and why they're so wonderful!


What is it?

Lemongrass, or by its scientific name cymbopogon, is a type of grass that is native to the subtropical regions of Africa, Australia and Asia. It grows year-round and produces an exotic, citrusy aroma.


Lemongrass has a variety of uses, most notably as a herbal medicine, but has also found use in the culinary world as an additive in various dishes. As an essential oil, lemongrass is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Use this oil for:

  • Stress relief

  • Immune system support

  • Detoxifying your system

  • To combat the common cold

One of my favorite brands:

Young Living Lemongrass Essential Oil

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