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Common Scents: Tea Tree

Tea tree plant

Common Scents

A series where we learn about different oils, their uses, and why they're so wonderful!

Tea Tree

What is it?

Tea tree oil is cultivated from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, and the beneficial properties of this natural oil are amazing! It is extremely versatile in its cosmetic uses.


Tea tree oil should not be consumed as it is toxic for ingestion, but the oil has incredible properties for topical and cosmetic purposes.

  • Use for homemade cleansers and soaps

  • Skin care - add to coconut oil or another base for moisturizer, applying directly to reduce oil and acne-prone areas

  • Diffuse to eliminate odors in your home

  • Brush through hair for added shininess

One of my favorite brands:

Young Living Tea Tree Oil

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