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Common Scents: Ginger

Common Scents

A series where we learn about different oils, their uses and why they’re so wonderful!


What is it?

Ginger is a type of flowering plant that originated in Asia, most notably in the tropical rainforests of Southern Asia and India. Arriving in the west by way of the spice trade, ginger has maintained its popularity throughout the years by having a multitude of uses. During this time of year, you’ll find it used in holiday goodies such as gingerbread and gingersnaps.


Ginger oil is quite possibly one of the most versatile oils out there. For that reason, it is an oil we highly recommend you try out for yourself!

Use this oil for:

  • Fighting nausea

  • Supporting joint function

  • Treating some forms of food poisoning

  • Lowering stress

  • Strengthening the heart

One of my favorite brands:

Young Living Ginger Essential Oil

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