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Each essential oil can contain hundreds of different chemical compounds, so from a scientific standpoint, essential oils are crazy complex, but that doesn't mean they need to be complicated. Sometimes they are referred to as the “life blood” of a plant, because they are what is produced when a plant is protecting itself from a threat or healing from an injury.

One reason we love them; they work similarly in our bodies!


Essential oils are the oldest known form of personal health and wellness care, with records dating back to the beginning of mankind. They have the amazing ability to naturally boost immunity, encourage relaxation and achieve better sleep, for stamina and increased energy, and to positively impact our emotions. This means you can safely and effectively replace harmful toxins by integrating essential oils into your lifestyle.

lemon essential oil


"There's an oil for that!" There are three ways to use essential oils - topically, aromatically, or internally. I have used oils to replace many of my beauty and skin care products, we use them for everything from cooking and flavoring for food to relieving sore muscles in a nice, relaxing bath. We like to apply the oils topically with a carrier oil, or put in a beautiful roller bottle for experiencing the benefits on the go. One of my favorite ways for the whole family to enjoy the oils is with our diffuser by adding a few drops of oil with some water.



  • Start slow with a few drops and dilute with a carrier oil, coconut oil and grape seed oil are my faves.

  • Essential oils metabolize out of the body within a few hours. Apply often to ensure optimal benefits.

  • Apply to the area needing support. If you are unsure, utilize Chinese reflexology principles and apply to the bottoms of your feet.


  • Use a small amount of salt or honey to help the oils mix evenly with water.

  • When using culinary oils, add in with a toothpick at the end of cooking to retain health properties.

  • Essential oils can be added to vegetables capsules with a carrier oil to survive the acidic environment in the stomach.


  • Essential oils should be stored in a cool, dark place and out of reach of small children.

  • If skin irritation is experienced, rub a carrier oil into the area until you feel relief.

  • Avoid mixing essential oils with products that may contain synthetic ingredients. Stick with naturally derived ingredients.


  • Avoid getting essential oils in eyes or the ear canal. If exposed, rinse with a carrier oil. Never use water.

  • Some essential oils are photosensitive, apply these oils to areas that will not be in contact with direct sunlight.

  • Avoid using non-PETE plastic with essential oils. Stick to glass or stainless steel for peace of mind.



It seems like essential oils are popping up all over the place, does it really matter if you just grab some lavender at the gas station? Yes! The problem is that essential oils are not regulated, so literally just about anything can be in that bottle being sold to you as "pure" oil. And you may experience irritation, an allergic reaction, or even worse experience nothing at all - not even the health benefits you were hoping to achieve! Seriously, what a waste of money.

Young Living is a world leader, and they set the standard of excellence by which all other companies seek to imitate. Most of these other companies buy their inventory all from the same supplier and just slap their labels on the bottles. Young Living owns many of their own farms and grow their plants around the world, and all products are marked with the Seed to Seal Promise. 

Young Living is the only brand I would trust to use for myself and my family.



If you are wanting to dive into the wonderful world of essential oils or take your wellness journey to the next level, I always suggest becoming a member with Young Living by grabbing the Premium Starter Kit You can read more about that in the link above, but basically, it is an awesome bundle of goodness with incredible savings; it comes with 12 of the most popular oils, non-toxic cleaner, Thieves Hand Purifier, and your choice of diffuser (I love the Desert Mist design), AND the membership gets you 24% off of the retail prices on all of their wellness products for life!

When you join as a member, you are joining a community of over FOUR million people who are so much like you! And when you join with The Oil Drop Shop or any of our awesome team members you will gain access to exclusive educational and business resources. It's a  pretty sweet deal!

Want to learn more? Find more HERE!

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